JAG -- Judge Advocate General
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This is the one and only Jag icon challenge community dedicated to the military tv series "JAG - Judge Advocate General".

*CREATOR: mariarita
*MAINTAINER: cleaninggirl
*BANNER MAKERS: jennijube, vickysg1
, cleaninggirl*SPECIAL THANKS TO: jennijube for the user info dividers and the community header! :)

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Each fournight a new contest will start. It will be about anything Jag related: a specific episode, a specific character, a theme, a set of lyrics. Caps/lyrics/themes to be working on will be provided by the maintainer, cleaninggirl.


SUGGESTION BOX: Submit your ideas/suggestions HERE

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*You're allowed to sumbit up to 2 icons per week, unless stated otherwise (remember to be careful about individual contest rules).
*Your submissions can either be animated or non-animated.
*You cannot use the icon/s you submitted or post it/them anywhere until the contest is over.
*You CANNOT vote for yourself!
*All entries must meet lj icon standards (100x100 pixels maximum, 40Kb maximum and in .jpg, .png or .gif formats).
*Your icon should be your original. This means you cannot use someone else's icon/base and edit it.
*You must submit both the IMG SRC and the URL of your icon/s.
*If you wish to use an icon submitted in the competition, please ask for permission to the maker.

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*You must to be a member to submit your icon/s for a challenge.
*For each new contest there will be a post where you can reply with your submission/s. Comments will be screened so nobody but you and me will know the icon/s you're entering the contest with.
*. Please, make sure your icon is on a reliable server that allows remote linking, like photobucket, or tinypic.
*Post both the IMG SRC and URL of your icon/s in the same comment.
*Every icon has to be anonymous, which means there can't be your username on it.
*Your entry should look like this:
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*As stated in the rules above, you cannot vote for your own icon.
*You cannot ask your friends to vote for you, nor promote your icon anywhere during a contest.
*You can't vote anonymously.
*You must vote for your top 3 icons, unless stated otherwise.
*Vote just once
*Awards will be given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place + mod's choice (chosen among the ones that didn't place).

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¤ New challenges are posted on Sunday evenings
¤ You have two weeks to submit your icons
¤ Voting runs from Sunday to Friday, 9pm GMT. Winners are announced later in the evening.
The timeline is subject to change due to real life obligations.

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If you want to become an affiliate, please leave a comment to this post. Thank you!